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Yoga Bolster

Yoga Bolster

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Discover beautifully embroidered Yoga Bolsters, for the best support and enhanced stretching. 

Cover made from 100% cotton (GOTs certified), these pillows are incredibly durable and gentle on the skin. Ideal for various asanas, Yin, and Restorative classes, they offer excellent support and relaxation. 

Yoga bolsters are invaluable for meditation and relaxation postures. They provide added comfort, making longer meditation or pranayama sessions easier.

Bolsters help maintain the natural arch in your back, enhancing stretches in backbends and side bends. They're especially useful as a chest-opening tool.

Many practitioners also find that placing a yoga bolster under their knees or back during Savasana enhances comfort and blood flow. 


  • Our yoga bolster features 100% organic cotton fabric for both the outer and inner layers, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.
  • GOTS, established in 2006, ensures not only organic fabric production but also ethical treatment of workers in the production chain, promoting both Earth and worker protection.
  • Filled with  natural and antibacterial buckwheat hulls.

Use and Care:

  • Our yoga bolsters feature durable zippers on both the inner and outer fabric layers, ensuring longevity.
  • The extended zipper simplifies the removal and cleaning of the outer cover without damaging the fabric.
  • Adjust the amount of buckwheat hulls in the inner cushion to your liking, thanks to the zipper.
  • The bolsters are portable with a convenient handle at the front.

For washing:

  • Remove the outer pillow.
  • Machine wash in 30 degrees with similar colors.
  • Avoid tumble drying.
  • Use a warm iron if necessary.


  • The outer and inner covers are ethically produced in India.
  • We prioritize eco-friendly packaging with paper wrapping and paper-based shipping materials.
  • Committed to reducing our carbon footprint, we continually seek carbon-neutral solutions.


  • Size: 20 x 66 cm (diameter x length)
  • Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Two covers included: outer and inner
  • Filled with Buckwheat Hulls
  • Care instructions provided on the cushion label.

EU delivery: 2 - 8 working days


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