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Peanut Massage Ball

Peanut Massage Ball

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 Are you looking to elevate your massage experience? Consider investing in a high-quality peanut massage ball for the perfect solution!

Effective Pain Relief with Peanut Massage Ball

The peanut massage ball's design allows you to target hard-to-reach muscles, providing effective pain relief. It's particularly useful for easing tension in the neck and back, common trouble areas.

Regular use of this cork massage ball can improve blood circulation and muscle flexibility, enhancing athletic performance. You can use it to warm up muscles before workouts or soothe them after intense physical activity.

Since it has high-quality features, you can use it while sitting on a chair, lying on a mat, bed, or even on the floor.

Cork: The Eco-Friendly Wonder Material

Our peanut massage ball is crafted from high-quality cork, often referred to as the wonder material. Cork's unique properties make this massage ball lightweight and portable, ensuring you can carry it anywhere for quick muscle relief. It's sweat-absorbent, anti-bacterial, and provides a pleasant, easy-to-grip surface for stability.

But the standout feature of cork is its exceptional eco-friendliness, making it a sustainable choice.

The peanut massage ball is easy to clean, so you do not have to worry about high maintenance. You can clean it with a damp towel after using it, which will do the trick.

Moreover, its design does not contain any toxins, so you can be sure that using the ball regularly is entirely safe.


  • Crafted entirely from 100% cork material, making an eco-friendly choice.
  • Versatile for massaging your back, neck, and various other body areas.
  • Compact dimensions of 17 cm x 7.5 cm and lightweight design ensure portability.
  • Ideal for both muscle activation before workouts and relieving stiffness afterward.
  • Cork construction offers excellent grip and stability during use.
  • Its sweat-absorbent and anti-bacterial properties enhance hygiene.
  • Produced in Portugal.

EU delivery time: 2-8 working days

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