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Moon Eclipse Yoga Mat

Moon Eclipse Yoga Mat

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Moon Eclipse yoga mat offers a natural and balanced connection with the environment. 

The eye-catching cork top layer is sustainably sourced from cork tree bark, offering water resistance and renewability.  It  provides a grounded feel with a chemical free lasered finish and a reliable natural rubber under-layer.

The mat's antimicrobial properties prevent bacteria and odors, ensuring cleanliness. With excellent grip, it is perfect for different types of yoga and especially for active and hot yoga. The package includes a convenient cotton carry strap. 


Weight - 2.5 kg, Dimensions - 183 x 61 x 0.4 cm (L x W x H), Materials - Cork (top layer) and Rubber (bottom layer).


Our cork yoga mat is naturally self-cleaning, resisting sweat buildup and bacterial growth over time. In case of intense use it can be washed with cloth and soapy water.


We prioritize eco-friendly packaging, using paper wrapping and paper-based materials to minimize our carbon footprint. Everything is recyclable.

Natural Components:

Our cork yoga mat is made entirely from natural materials, offering benefits for your practice and the environment. The top layer is pure cork, and the rubber underlayer enhances comfort and stability.


Our cork-based yoga mat is not only natural but also highly eco-friendly. It's sourced from renewable cork tree bark, making it sustainable and naturally water-resistant, perfect for hot yoga. It stays fresh, resisting odors, even with heavy use.

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