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Jumpsuit Atlantis

Jumpsuit Atlantis

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Our collection of jumpsuits has been designed for all types of yoga, fitness exercises, and everyday wearing. Our new jumpsuits are ethically produced in Ukraine and made from material that is OEKO-Tex certified.

The material’s softness and stretchiness make our jumpsuits both pleasant to wear and perfect for any slow or active yoga and fitness exercises.

Even when you do active exercises there is no need to constantly pull up your pants and fix your shirt as you might experience with other types of sports clothing. You can now do whatever you please, and your outfit will stay in shape without any further adjusting. 

As a bonus, the cotton material breathes with you, ensuring maximum comfort.


As part of our commitment to sustainability, products are thoughtfully packaged in paper-based materials, reducing our carbon footprint. We strongly encourage you to recycle everything, including the clothing itself.

Washing Instructions:

To keep your clothing in great condition, we recommend washing with similar colors with delicate wash program. This ensures your garments remain vibrant and comfortable.

MATERIAL COMPOSITION : 90% Cotton / 10% Elastane

EU delivery time: 2 - 8 working days 

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