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Cork Yoga Blocks (2 pieces)

Cork Yoga Blocks (2 pieces)

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Our 100% cork yoga blocks from Portugal are the perfect addition to enhance your chosen asana. These lightweight blocks can be easily carried anywhere, providing convenience beyond your home practice. 

The natural material used ensures a pleasant, non-slip surface that enhances comfort during active yoga exercises. With rounded edges, our cork blocks fit comfortably in your hand, preventing pressure points.

MATERIAL - Our cork yoga block is an eco-conscious alternative to plastic blocks, crafted in Portugal from 100% natural cork tree bark. It's biodegradable, ensuring no harm to the environment.

STABILITY - This yoga block provides excellent support for various exercises, offering stability for arm balancing and lower back routines due to its ample width.

CLEANING - Low maintenance is required for these yoga blocks. Simply wipe them with a damp, soapy cloth to keep them clean.

PACKAGING - As an eco-conscious brand, we prioritize sustainability in both products and packaging. We use cardboard and other sustainable materials, avoiding plastic entirely.

Size: 22.5 x 11.5 x 7.5 cm (L x W x H)

Quantity: 2 pieces

EU Delivery: 2-8 working days

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