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Cork Massage Ball

Cork Massage Ball

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Relieve your achy muscles and find comfort after intense workouts or long hours at your desk with our Cork Massage Ball. 

This versatile ball is perfect for reaching those difficult areas and targeting specific trigger points. It's ideal for revitalizing your muscles, improving blood circulation, and accelerating recovery.  With the ability to massage and relax any part of your body, it offers a deep tissue experience precisely where you need it.

The cork massage ball is versatile and can complement Yin Yoga to relieve muscle and fascia knots in the neck, upper and lower back, and buttocks. Consistent use can help release tension, pain, and emotional energy stored in the body, making relaxation more accessible than you might expect.

Why Use a Massage Ball?

"Knots" or "trigger points" can be significant sources of pain in our bodies, and self-massage techniques can be highly satisfying. Incorporating a trigger point massage ball into your fitness routine offers various benefits, from addressing plantar fasciitis to enhancing flexibility and blood circulation.

Massage balls are cost-effective and portable, fitting easily into a suitcase or handbag for on-the-go relief. Keeping one at your desk serves as a reminder to take breaks and alleviate muscle tension caused by poor posture or stress. You can use it pre-workout to activate muscles or post-workout to aid muscle recovery.

Massage balls are versatile and can be used almost anywhere, whether against a wall, on the back of a chair, or on the floor. A few minutes a day with a massage ball can provide relief and relaxation.

How to Use a Massage Ball?

Using a massage ball is straightforward; simply roll the ball over tense muscles. This action increases blood flow, enhances circulation, and alleviates pain and stiffness.

The key benefit lies in targeting trigger points. When you encounter a muscle "knot" and apply pressure, you may feel pain in a different part of your body. Muscle knots can develop due to injury, overuse or underuse of muscles, and poor posture.

The goal of trigger point therapy is to release or soften these knots, reducing associated pain.

Releasing muscle knots involves applying varying levels of pressure to the affected areas and stretching them through a full range of motion. You'll recognize a knot when you feel a kind of "good pain." Once located, pause the ball on that trigger point for a few seconds before continuing the massage. For a lighter massage, you can also roll the ball over the area using your hand, making massage balls versatile and adaptable to your needs.

Cork: An Exceptional Material

The cork massage ball is crafted from recycled cork, providing a lightweight and portable solution that you can take anywhere, whether at the office or on vacation. Cork's surface offers a pleasant touch, excellent grip, and stability. It's also sweat-absorbent and anti-bacterial.

Cork stands out as one of the most eco-friendly materials available today. The cork used in this massage ball comes from Portugal. It comes from the bark of Cork Oak trees, which is harvested by peeling the bark off without cutting down the trees. These trees rejuvenate their bark every 8-14 years over their 200-year lifespan, creating a completely sustainable process.

The rejuvenation of cork bark absorbs CO2 from the air, leaving no toxic or chemical residue, and it's biodegradable, which means it can be composted, keeping your product out of landfills.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is a core value that extends to every step from production to packaging.


We understand that the impact of packaging on sustainability is substantial. That's why all the products are wrapped in paper-based packaging. Our commitment to minimizing our carbon footprint drives us to continually seek solutions that lead us to a carbon-neutral state.

Recycling Matters

We strongly encourage responsible disposal practices. Please refrain from throwing anything into the trash. Instead, rest assured that everything, including the packaging, is perfectly recyclable. Together, we can contribute to a more sustainable future.


  • Diameter: 7.5 cm
  • Weight: 50 grams
  • Material: Cork

EU Delivery: 2-8 working days


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