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Classic Cork Yoga Mat

Classic Cork Yoga Mat

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The classic cork yoga mat is made from natural materials and promotes a connection with nature. 

It features an eco-friendly design, including a biodegradable cork top layer, and recyclable natural rubber bottom layer.

The classic cork mat is free from artificial products like PVC, paint, and harmful compounds such as lead as the print also is lasered. It is wonderful for different types of yoga and especially ideal for hot yoga, as it is water-resistant and becomes more slip-resistant when you sweat. 

The cork yoga mat weighs 2.5 kg and measures 183 x 61 x 0.4 cm. It comes with a cotton carry strap. 


  • Cork is naturally self-cleaning, preventing sweat buildup and odors, while also discouraging bacterial growth. In case of intense use it can be washed with cloth and soapy water.


  • We prioritize eco-friendly packaging with paper wrapping and paper-based shipping materials.
  • We're committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and encourage recycling to further reduce waste.

Natural Cork Yoga Mat:

  • Our cork yoga mat is made from natural materials, offering a connection to the earth.
  • It features a pure cork top layer and a rubber underlayer for support, stability, and slip resistance.
  • No artificial materials or unnecessary colorants are used, preserving the natural feel.

Sustainable and Practical:

  • This eco-friendly yoga mat is crafted from renewable cork tree bark, providing natural water resistance.
  • It becomes grippier as you sweat, making it ideal for hot yoga.
  • Unlike many mats, it has self-cleaning properties, preventing odors, bacteria, and mold formation.

Delivery times range from 2-8 working days within the EU.

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