The Why and How of Activating Nuts and Seeds

The Why and How of Activating Nuts and Seeds

Activation of nuts and seeds involves a simple yet transformative process—soaking and then dehydrating them. This practice, typically done overnight, eliminates enzyme inhibitors, making nutrients more accessible and aiding digestion. While some nuts require less soaking time, the overall benefits are numerous.

Soaking not only improves digestibility but also imparts a softer texture to nuts and seeds. If you prefer a crunchier consistency, dehydrating them after soaking is an option. The advantage of activating lies in its convenience—you can prepare a large batch at once, ensuring a lasting supply for snacking.

Taking activation a step further, consider adding spices and nutritional yeast during dehydration to elevate the flavor profile. The result? Extra delicious and nutritious nuts and seeds ready to enhance your salads or serve as a convenient, wholesome snack.

Incorporating the habit of activating nuts and seeds into your routine is not only easy but also offers lasting health benefits. Keep them on hand, easily sprinkling them over your salads or enjoying them as a quick and nourishing snack.

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